Sheila Paige
  The Keyboard Wellness Seminar Piano • Organ • Computer
“I have attended this Piano Wellness Seminar since its inception. Sheila Paige, with her insight, has created a totally caring environment in which all participants feel safe and free to learn and exchange ideas, a true sense of a musical community--a must for all keyboardists."

Yeeha Chiu,
Steinway Artist

“A Revelation!! My encounter with Sheila Paige has literally transformed me as an artist and a musician."

Robert Roux
Rice’s Shepherd School of Music, Professor of Piano, Chair of Keyboard Department

“Working with Sheila Paige has enabled me to solve technical problems more quickly and efficiently. Her knowledge of how the body works best in playing the organ and piano gives me the tools to discern and overcome physical and musical challenges with greater ease.”

Bradley Welch
First Prize and the Audience Prize Winner in the 2003 Dallas International Organ Competition

“What a pleasure it is to encounter a teacher who not only has much to offer from a technical point of view, but who also shows an unusual amount of savvy and insight about the musical and interpretive issues. Her work is sure to be of interest to pianists of all levels.”

Michael Gurt
Professor and Keyboard Chairman, LSU School of Music

“There are many wonderful things to learn from Sheila Paige and others at the Piano Wellness Seminar. For one thing, it’s the only chance I have to take Alexander Lessons from a good teacher. I also enjoyed playing in master class for Michael Gurt and Robert Roux.”

Jerry Davidson
Emeritus Professor, Kent State University

"Every lesson I've had with Sheila has drastically improved my technique and sound. She has a truly unique, uncanny ability to diagnose problems and offer a more coordinated, efficient alternative. Lessons with Sheila are always fun and engaging!"

Brian Grothues
B.M., M.M.

"Sheila's Piano Wellness Seminar was the most enjoyable and educational seminar I've ever been to. In addition, the piano lessons I've taken with Sheila as well as the lessons I observed have been enlightening and helpful beyond words. I've brought several students to her for help in solving pain issues as well as improving their technical prowess and interpretative ability. She has a unique ability to diagnose and explain that is invaluable!"

Lorri Turcios
Assistant Professor of Piano and Piano Pedagogy at Bob Jones University