Sheila Paige
  The Keyboard Wellness Seminar Piano • Organ • Computer

Sheila Paige gives piano wellness seminars all over the country. These are held in different locations for local piano teachers groups and also at universities.

This season there is a series of 5 Piano Wellness Seminars in Raleigh, as well as one in April for the Pittsburgh Piano Teacherís Association.

Piano wellness seminars last season included the East Texas Symphony Piano Festival, the South Jersey Music Teachers Association, and the series of 5 Piano Wellness Seminars at Meredith College.

Piano wellness seminars in the past have included Oberlin College, University of Memphis, Clearwater Christian College, Cleveland State University, Vanderbilt University, Dallas Baptist University, Cary Apex Music Teachers, New Jersey Music Teachers, Jacobs Music in NJ (sponsored by Steinway), Northeast Ohio Music Teachers, Northern Delaware Valley Music Teachers, Dallas Music Teachers, among numerous others.

If you are interested in having a Piano Wellness Seminar in your area, please contact Sheila Paige at